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Lose Weight Fast With the Traditional Mediterranean Diet

Although there are many countries surrounding the Mediterranean Sea, one country in particular has a diet that is known to maintain a healthy heart, keep the adherents trim and in good form, is anti-aging, and tastes great.

This is the Grecian classic Mediterranean diet

Sadly the modern Greeks have turned their backs on the traditional fare, and now eat a lot of junk food, restaurant meals, and a heavy reliance on saturated fats.

The traditional Greek Mediterranean diet, found in the villages are no less than 60% fruit and vegetables, only 20% meats, 10% carbohydrates, and 10% fats. This means a diet rich in natural fiber, lots of vitamins and minerals, just the essential bread and other starches, and some daily dose of the magic Greek olive oil.

Typical Diet Greek Mediterranean diet

Breakfast. The Greek breakfast will always have fruit in season. If it’s the winter or spring there will be lots of citrus to choose from. Begin your breakfast with fresh fruit. You can choose from coffee or tea, but in the morning, the average Greek loves his coffee. This will be accompanied by some fresh bread (one slice…remember you are on a diet!), with some natural Greek honey. A traditional Greek cheese is also served, and this may be a Kasseri, or some local graveria. This whole break fast is less than 250 calories, and you will feel full and start your day off well.

Morning Snack. If you are hungry before lunch (and you may be, as Greeks will have lunch at about 14:00 to 15:00 hours), eat some more fruit. A good choice will be the wonderful Greek apple, available most of the year. Also a good morning snack is melon (only eat food that is in season in your area). Caloric value less than 100.

Lunch or the Greek Diner. The Greek kitchen is rich from a multitude of prepared meals. Try to select one that does not have meat and starch in the same mea. For example, you can eat spanakorizo (cooked spinach with rice), but no meat with it. Or, you can have a kokinosto (a Greek-type of goulash), but without potato. Have the meat with salads, other vegetables, or by itself. Follow with a dessert of fruit and cheese. No bread is allowed. The calories here will total no more than 500.

The Greek Supper. Many Greeks will try to have whatever was eaten at lunch, for diner. However, apply the same rules, meat with vegetables is ok, or starch with vegetables is ok…just do not mix your starches with protein. A good diner can be the legendary Greek paidakia (or lamb chops). Eat this with some boiled greens (the Greeks will eat horta or vela, two local herbs that seem to grow everywhere in the world) Have some sliced tomato, with some feta cheese (a typical Greek salad called the horyatika, salad of the villiger) and even some strong red wine. You will not have exceeded 600 calories here.

Re-cap. Having eaten like a Greek, but having separated your starches from meat, you will have eaten only 1400 calories, and you will have begun to lose weight. You will not be hungry

Tips. An old Roman saying is that if you lift up any rock, you will find a Greek under it. You cannot help but to find a local Greek grocery in your area. You can find all the Greek cheeses, and staples, especially their wonderful olive oil, and even fresh Greek bread. Speak to the owner of the shop and ask for a Greek cookbook, or you can be sure they will help you.

The only prohibition with the Greek Mediterranean diet is do not mix your protein and carbohydrates.

Meat and vegetables are fine. Pasta without meat sauce is fine. Try to keep your calories in the 1500 a day range and you will not only lose weight, you will find the Greek olive oil is like a medicine for your heart, and you whole system will clean up.

So there you have it -Follow the Greek Mediterranean diet and you look and feel better and lose weight.

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