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Is the Zone Diet a Fad Diet And Does It Work?

Reading more about the zone diet or perhaps zone diet resources will more likely place you in a more informed position to either take further steps or research a little more. This will help you establish greater confidence about the zone diet before you make any definite decisions or possibly even the wrong decision.

For that matter, do any of the fad diets out there, like the zone diet, work? I see them on television, in magazines, and on line: ads for the latest and greatest fad diet. Most claim to have the answer to easy weight loss. Such fads are the price we pay for living in an obese capitalist society, but do any of them work? Statistically, those who use fad diets gain back their weight or even more weight 90% of the time. This is called weight rebound.

One of the most popular recent fad diets to hit the mainstream is the zone diet. Some call it the diet zone. The zone diet, not unlike many of the recent fad diets, is based on carbohydrate intake. The diet is based on proportions of protein, fat, and carbohydrates. In addition, it is based on the idea of favorable or unfavorable types of each of those dietary components.The biggest draw back to the zone diet is that it is very restrictive and structured. In the zone diet, you are to have five meals and two snacks per day. You are supposed to eat within an hour of getting up in the morning, eat regularly, and not eat more than 500 calories at one time. The zone diet’s “rules” make it so that the dieter’s life forever revolves around the food and eating.

The next issue with the zone diet is the learning curve involved. It seems you have to basically get a full dietary education in order to work a diet, then success is that much more difficult to reach. You have to learn things like how much food is in one “block” of protein, fat, and carb. You also have to know how to combine them and know a fair amount about glycemic loads in carbohydrates.

An alternative would be to have a sensible low calorie diet, work out a few times a week, and drink plenty of water. You don’t have to take the time to schedule precise meal times and a masters in dietary chemistry is unnecessary. With the zone diet, you (most likely) will be constantly in calculation of your blocks and meals and combos. Isn’t it just easier to work out, eat sensibly, and enjoy your life a little more?

Let’s face it – fad diets are a tempting trend. Each one claims a quick fix to your weight problems. The all claim to be easy, but most end up requiring you to read extensively and stay on a strict schedule. Making the switch in lifestyle to just eating less and working out more will allow you to, in moderation, eat the things you enjoy and to gain the overall health benefits of increased muscle tone, hormone production, and sense of well being. So don’t fall into the trap set by fads like the zone diet. We live in an obese and capitalist society, but here is a free way to stay out of the world of obesity: eat well, work out often, and love yourself.

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