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10 Reasons Why the Mediterranean Food Diet is Good For You

Knowing more about the Mediterranean food diet or perhaps the Mediterranean food diet resources will certainly place you in a more informed position to either take further steps or research the Mediterranean food diet a little more before you make any definite decisions.

Low in Saturated Fat
Physicians and nutritionists the world over all agree that a diet that is high in saturated fat can have very negative consequences on a persons health and wellbeing. Indeed, a diet that is high in saturated fat can cause a person to suffer heart disease, can lead to cancer and can cause a whole host of other health problems and concern.

The Mediterranean food diet is noteworthy because of the fact that it is very low in saturated fat. The typical person who follows the Mediterranean food diet intakes less than eight percent of his or her calories from potentially harmful saturated fat. This is significantly below the average of people who do not follow a Mediterranean diet regimen.

Includes Plentiful Amounts of Fresh Fruits and Vegetables
Another reason why the Mediterranean diet is good for you lies in the fact that the diet includes the consumption of a significant amount of fruit and vegetables. Indeed, the diet encompasses more fresh fruits and vegetables than any other dietary program or plan today.

Fresh fruits and vegetables have a significant beneficial effect on a persons health and wellbeing. People who following the Mediterranean food diet and consume generous servings of fruits and vegetables each day have a lower incidence of certain diseases including cancer and cardiovascular ailments.

High in Whole Grains and Fiber
A benefit in the Mediterranean food diet is found in the fact that it lowers in the incidence of certain types of cancer. One of the reasons that the Mediterranean food diet lowers the incidence of cancer is found in the fact that the diet is rich in whole grains and dietary fiber. Both whole grain and fiber have proven to lower the incidence of cancer, including colorectal cancer.

High in Anti-Oxidants
The Mediterranean food diet is high in anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants play a significant role in maintaining the body — including organs, muscles and skin — in top condition. A diet high in anti-oxidants is believed to ensure that a person will live a longer, healthier life.

Low in Red Meat
Because the Mediterranean food diet is low in red meat, the diet plan works to reduce the amount of “bad cholesterol.” A diet low in “bad cholesterol” lessens the incidence of cardiovascular disease, hypertension and stroke.

High in Lean Meats
The Mediterranean food diet includes lean meats in moderate portions. The reasonable amount of lean meats — including fish and certain seafood and fish — provides a health source of protein and energy for a person.

Low in Dairy
The Mediterranean food diet is low in dairy products. In fact, a true adherent to the Mediterranean diet includes almost no dairy products at all. Any dairy that is included in the diet is low fat or non fat. Because the diet is low in dairy, particularly fatty dairy products, the diet encourages a person to obtain or maintain an ideal weight. Additionally, the diet aids in reducing cholesterol and works to prevent heart disease.

Prevents Disease
As mentioned, one of the reasons that the Mediterranean food diet is good for you rests in the fact that the diet plan appears to reduce the incidence of certain diseases including:
— heart and cardiovascular disease
— cancer
— diabetes
— hypertension
— diabetes

The history of the people of the Mediterranean region demonstrates that the Mediterranean food diet works to extend a persons life. In addition, while working to extend a persons life, this diet scheme works to ensure that a persons longer life will be healthy as well.

A Convenient Diet Program
Finally, the Mediterranean diet is good for you because it is a convenience diet program. In order to follow the Mediterranean diet you do not need to buy any special products or prepare a unique and hard to manage diet plan. If used with moderate exercise, it is a great way to lose weight while remaining healthy.

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